Day Programs

We offer dynamic and engaging activities tailored for individuals with disabilities, focusing on creativity, personal growth, and community connections.

Our services include Art & Craft sessions for creative expression, Cooking classes to enhance culinary skills and independence, Computer Lessons for digital literacy, and Farm & Excursions to connect with nature and the community.

Each activity is designed to be inclusive, fostering skills development and social interaction in a supportive environment.


Art & Craft:

Dive into creativity with our Art & Craft sessions. Led by expert instructors, we offer a variety of mediums for everyone to express their unique creativity, enhancing fine motor skills and self-expression.



Discover the joy of cooking in our fun and interactive classes. Learn essential kitchen skills, from simple recipes to complex dishes, boosting confidence and independence in a social setting.


Computer Lessons

Get tech-savvy with our Computer Lessons. Tailored to your pace, these sessions improve digital literacy, enabling exploration of the digital world for communication and entertainment.


Farm & Excursions

Our farm visits provide a serene and engaging environment where participants can interact with animals, learn about sustainable practices, and enjoy nature's tranquillity.



Explore new horizons with our Excursions, including trips to the zoo, beach, bowling, and more, designed to foster exploration, enjoyment, and social connections in diverse settings.

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