About Us

Who we are

ML Support Services is a registered NDIS provider. We have a group of committed, compassionate, and caring employees working hard to assist you in living your life more independently.

ML support can assist you with several NDIS services, such as community participation, Accommodation/Tenancy, Assistance in Travel/Transportation, Household Tasks, Assistance with personal care, Daily Tasks/ Shared Living, Supported Independent Living (SIL), Respite care/ Short-Term Accommodation.

Our team of professionals has an in-depth understanding of the NDIS plans, and we provide assured quality care support to all the NDIS participants. We emphasise providing person-centered, proactive support to help each participant get more out of life.

ML Support can help you with any task you may find difficult to accomplish in day-to-day life, to exemplify, doing household chores, traveling to your favourite places, personal hygiene, managing your finances, etc. One of our support staff will be available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sometimes people with disabilities may need one-on-one or two-on-one support. We can provide you with all types of support services, depending on your individual requirements, to make your life more convenient.

Why Choose Us

NDIS Service Provider

ML Support is a NDIS service provider and delivers a wide range of NDIS support services in Sydney. With the help of ML Support, NDIS participants can meet their needs and preferences. Our trusted support workers will assist you in completing everyday tasks with care and look after you like their own family.

Professional Service

Creating a plan that suits your needs, goals, and requirements is essential for success.

Compassionate Staff

We strive to understand our customers’ needs and comfort levels to provide the best services.

Integrity & Ethics

We strive to be consistent in our trustworthiness and honesty.


We respect all our service participants with decisions based on their values, preferences and beliefs.

“The significance of experience cannot be replaced.”

ML Support Services has a group of skilled, dedicated, and compassionate professionals who truly care for each NDIS participant.

ML Support offers a diverse set of services to meet the unique needs of our NDIS participants. Our highly skilled support workers communicate with NDIS participants to create personalised strategies that cater to the particular requirements of each participant.

ML Support Services believes in helping you meet your goals through the power of support and empathy. We empower our well-trained professionals to support people with disabilities and make their lives self-reliant.

Our friendly, professional support team is available around the clock.
ML Support can assist you with numerous caring services, about which you can learn more by calling 0422 299 968 or contacting us at info@mlsupportservices.com.au Our expertise will answer all your questions.

How We Work

Our Mission, Vision & Values

our mission

Our mission is to support and empower our participants through the offer of multiple assistive services, create local opportunities within the community and to act with integrity and respect.

our vision

Our vision is to provide quality services to inspire and empower people with a disability to achieve their personal ambitions and enrich their quality of life.

our values

Our commitment is about helping you maintain your independence and lifestyle, supporting you to keep doing, or get back to doing, the things you love. Everything we do is focused on achieving that goal.

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